captions for instagram in spanish

 captions for instagram in spanish

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Funny and Cute  & Clever Instagram Captions in Spanish
  •  Si caes siete veces, sube ocho. (Translation: If you fall seven times, rise eight.)
  •  Sin la mujer, la vida es pura prosa. (Translation: Women make this world beautiful. Without them, it is as boring as prose.)
  •  El Amor todo lo puede. (Translation: Love will find a way.)
  •  No pierdas de vista tus objetivos. (Translation: Don't lose sight of your goals.)
  • *Te amo hasta el infinito y más allá. * (Translation: To infinity and beyond.)
  • Pequeños momentos, grandes recuerdos.  (Translation: Small moments, great memories.) 
  • Ahora o nunca. (Translation: Now or never.)
  • Solo relájate. (Translation: Just relax.)
  •  Donde hay humo, hay calor. (Translation: Where there's a smoke, there's a fire.)
  •  Viajar es la mejor inversión. (Translation: Travelling is the best investment.)
  •  El Sol es la mejor medicina. (Translation: Sun is the best medicine.)
  •  Sé amable contigo hoy. (Translation: Be kind to yourself today.)
  •  Amor es todo lo que necesitas. (Translation: Love is all you need.)
  •  Las chicas solo quieren divertirse. (Translation: Girls just wanna have fun.)
  •  Recuérdame. Aunque tenga que decir adiós. (Translation: Remember me. Though I have to say goodbye.)
  •  Soy loca con mi tigre. (Translation: I'm crazy like a tiger.)

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