cuckold captions for instagram

 cuckold captions for instagram 

today's post, I want to talk about :

  • short cuckold captions
  • good cuckold captions
  • captions for cuckold 

Best cuckold captions:

  • "You may not be jealous," she maintained "but I am... Very much so."
  • "I've heard this is what hot wives wear," she said smiling, "you know, to advertise that their husband is on board with the whole thing."
  • She seemed to find my fantasy quite liberating especially as she made it clear I was not allowed to stray.
  • "Would you really be ok with it, if I slept with another man? I mean honestly?" She asked.
  • "And would you be ok if he came in me, you know, like in those pictures you look at all the time?" She pressed, stroking firmer and more insistently.
  • "Well, you know I'm not all that squeamish." I answered smiling.
  • "Really? So you're honestly saying you could watch a well hung stud fucking me?"
  • She was smiling and really working my stiff cock now.
  • "Yes." I murmured.
  • "Watch him cum hard? Watch him pump his load into me as I lay moaning and squirming beneath him?"

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