cute captions for blurry selfies

 cute captions for blurry selfies

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Captions for Blurry for Instagram
  • Yes, I know this pic is a blur.
  • People said you have to be picture perfect..No wonder some pictures come out blurry.
  • Blur urself as much as u can.
  • You know, What’s interesting is, being your self is kind of a blur.
  • Blurry picture but not a blurry life.
  • Some things are best left a blur.
  • Everything is a blur when my mind is full.
  • Blurry Is Beautiful.
  • When life gets blurry, see with your heart.
  • Sometimes blurred pictures add more beauty.
  • Perfecting the past blurs your focus on the future.
  • Blur is not a matter If you love the emotion in the picture.
  • In a world addicted to speed, I blur the moments into one unholy smear.
  • Can’t put your arms around a memory But I can write an irrelevant caption on a blurry picture.
  • My name is BlurryFace and I care what you think – Stressed Out by 21 pilots.
  • Words are like eyeglasses they blur everything that they do not make clear.
  • Hey lady! Do I look all blurry to you? ‘Cause you look blurry to me!’ – Dean Martin
  • The world is moving faster and faster, but where are we going? I think one of the reasons why things are getting blurry is because there is not much meaning. – Alan Lightman
  • Race, to me, is a very blurry thing. – Monica Raymund
  • In the blur of the photograph, time leaves its gleaming, snail-like track. – Wright Morris
  • It’s the beauty in her, But when the makeup occur, I don’t see it, All I see is a blur – Kendrick Lamar

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