twinning captions for instagram

 twinning captions for instagram

today's post, I want to talk about :

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Best twinning captions
  • ...and 5 minutes later we are friends again
  •  "Wait, you have a twin? You didn't tell me"
  • A true twin will understand you even when you just say half a word
  •  Always wanting to ask "Can my twin come too?"
  • A twinstatic joke = a fantastic joke only you and your twin will understand
  • Answering to two names like a pro
  • Behind every great twin is a greater twin
  • Being used to two names squeezed into one birthday song
  • Buying a gift for my twin = medium to hard | Keeping the gift a secret = impossible
  • Confusing your twin's memories with your own
  • Every time I watch a HGTV I think how I would turn the man cave into a twin cave
  • Getting the same gifts in different colors
  • From wombmate to roommate
  •  Having to answer "Do you ever switch places?"
  • Having to answer: are you identical or fraternal?
  • I don’t need to pay a therapist to give me crap. I have a twin that does it for free.
  • Knowing the skill of blowing out birthday candles with my twin in perfect unison

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